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By Christina Franken on Apr 15

Our favorites for every day activity

Small tweaks to make your days more active

It's spring in Amsterdam. But even if you're down under and fall is approaching, a strategy to be active over the next months will help you be happier and healthier.

Remember our Who needs resolutions - January challenge?

Those that signed up received an email every morning with one actionable idea on how to make that day more active. The challenge was a great success, with a majority of the participants sticking to suggestions for the 31 days challenge and beyond.

One day of taking the stairs all day

Start slow

The suggestion to take the stairs all day was the absolute winner when we asked participants about which daily tweaks were their favorite. Just think of this - making one day a week your 'take the stairs' all day. How about Wednesday - they call it hump day after all. Unless you live and work on the ground floor this is a good way to get your minimum daily activity in! Need more convincing? Here's an article on what makes us more likely to take the stairs.

Go green

With spring (or autumn for those joining us from Australia and NZ) upon us it's time to go outside again. Another favorite of our participants was to take a look at all the parks in your city - which ones have you been to lately? Which ones haven't you been to ever? For more inspiration, read this NYT article on how walking in nature changes your brain.

Feel good about your level of activity.

Try something new this weekend!

A great way to enjoy the outdoors is to explore your city by bike. Don't have a bike? Try one of those bike sharing schemes popping up everywhere or rent a bike for a weekend to see if it's worth to get one. Not convinced yet? Here's an article on how bike sharing benefits everyone.

Bike sharing in your city

A few more favorites of our participants and some links to back these up: