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By Renato Valdes Olmos on Jan 28

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Walk. Run. Bike. Dance. Everything counts.

Human 2.0: Indoor tracking & much more.

We're very happy to announce that Human 2 is now available in the App Store. We spent a lot of time getting all the details right, and we're super excited to share it with you. The app now tracks all types of exercise, including indoor activities. We've improved outdoor tracking, there's better battery life, a beautiful & snappy interface and much more. Scroll down for the details.

Human 2: Download Human 2 in the App Store

Everything counts

The first versions of Human tracked outdoor walks, runs and bike rides. Human 2 tracks all types of exercise of 1 minute and up. That means that we count your minutes spent working out at the gym, doing crossfit, or dancing like nobody's watching. The tracking system has been rebuilt, resulting in better accuracy and optimized battery life. Indoor tracking does not mean that we'll be counting your steps to the watercooler from now on. You're still gonna have to work for your minutes - but all types of exercise count, as long as you have your phone on you.

Human 2: Download Human 2 in the App Store

The Daily 30 and up

There are 3 different badges you can unlock throughout the day. Human will now notify you when you've reached your Daily 30, Daily 60 or Daily 90. We've added a notification pane to keep track of these. Apart from that, the weekbar gives you access to your activities per day, and shows you when you've started a streak.

Human 2: Alerts

Human & Kuvva

We spend a lot of time making Human feel amazing, we take pride in the fact that it doesn't look or feel like any other health app out there. Moving is fun, and our products will always reflect that. To continue on this path, we've partnered with the great folks at Kuvva to make sure our app is even more beautiful. Human 2 features photographic works of art curated by Kuvva: a new image for every day of the week. We couldn't be more excited about the works of Jakub Polomski, Ted Craig, Peter-Paul de Meijer, Raban Haaijk & Andrew Brooks.

Human 2: Kuvva

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