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By Renato Valdés Olmos on Sep 29

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Track calories, distance, and added support for iOS 8

We're very excited to tell you that Human 3 is now available on the App Store. It's a big update, featuring a calorie tracker, a new summary view, and integration with Health, and other specific iOS 8 features.

A brand new summary with calories & distance

We’ve added a beautiful summary view which shows calories burnt next to active minutes and distance, based on popular request. We've had many, many users asking us when we'd add calories - so we decided to implement them in the best way we could. Just tap your progress circle, and you'll get your summary for today. Swipe back to view the past seven days. The burnt calories we show are estimated based on your weight, the duration, and intensity of an activity.

Accelerometer and location data are used to make accurate calculations of walking and running (like most step counters do), but also for cycling (a troublesome category for most pedometer apps) and various indoor activities. By taking activity intensity into the equation, we show you the most complete overview of your day. Human is about making moving more fun, so we made the decision to keep out the calories you burn while resting.

iOS 8 & HealthKit

iOS 8 allows Human to send and receive data and connect with all kinds of amazing apps in the health and fitness space. Human can send activity data to the iOS 8 Health app. In the same way, Human can receive weight data from other sources, like connected scales.

With Health, you'll soon be able to import Human data into your favorite food tracking app, or compare it to data from a sleep tracker. The possibility of having all your favorite health apps talk to each other in a meaningful way is very exciting, and we can’t wait to put over 80 million tracked activities to an even better use.

As always, you're in control of your data

Sending Human data to iOS Health is completely up to you. As soon as you open the new app, Human will ask you if you'd like to give it access to update your health data, and read data from other apps. If you don't feel comfortable sending your Human data to the Health app, or other apps, you can turn it off to choice.

At Human, we can't stress data ownership enough. We analyze your data to categorize your activity and provide you with real-time stats. Anonymized, aggregated data leads to improve Human as a whole: It helps us optimize our activity detection and measure the overall performance of the app. We might use aggregated stats, which can not be be tied to individual users, to help you compare yourself to others. And we don't share any of your personal identifiable data without your explicit consent.

iOS allows you to delete all Human data synchronized to iOS Health, in case you want to delete the app from your phone.

Today Extension

We've also added a nifty thing called a Today Extension. If you're running iOS 8, you can open your Today pane (swipe yor finger down from the top of your iPhone screen) and add the Human widget. It will tell you how many minutes you've been active - and some motivation - without opening the app!

Apart from all these new features, we've added a few new inspiring background pictures for you to enjoy!

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