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By Paul Veugen on Jan 21

Human Clubs: Get active together

Build a club and get active with friends, family, and colleagues

We're super excited to release Human 4 on the App Store today. In this update we introduce Human Clubs, small private groups to share your daily activity with friends, family, and colleagues. Inspire each other to get active and see how you compare from day to day.

Create a club

Swipe right on the Human dashboard to create your first club. Search for your friends by name or e-mail to invite them to join your club. Are your friends not on Human yet? Fill in their e-mail address to send them an invite to join.

Clubs can have up to 10 members and you can create up to 3 clubs yourself. You can join as many other clubs as you want. Create a club with your spouse, a club for your colleagues, or get your family in.

Share your progress

Every club has a timeline, which get's automatically filled with the activity of members. You only share aggregated daily stats, and no individual activities. The club progress circle will show the average daily minutes for the club and recent activity from members.


Other Human users can invite you to join their club. Only when you accept the invite, your daily aggregated stats will be shared in the club. In the Human settings you'll find two new options to hide yourself in our member directory. You can chose to hide your name in the search results and/or to hide your e-mail and name alltogether. This means you can still create your own club and invite members, but no one else can find you to invite you to theirs.

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