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By Paul Veugen on Oct 15

Human 6

Taking activity tracking to the next level with the iPhone 6 and 6S

With the very first release of Human two years ago we showcased the possibilities and challenges of tracking daily activity using only the device that you keep close to you every minute of the day. After the introduction of Apple's first motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5S late 2013 we knew that tracking all-day activity with your phone would become easier and better. We tracked 1.4 billion activities and learned a lot about processing motion and location data. At the same time the latest generations of the iPhone and iOS gave us entirely new ways to turn real-time device data into insights about your day and daily motivation.

The best overview of your day with Human 6 on your new iPhone

We're excited to release Human 6 for the iPhone with our completely revamped tracking technology and a new Low Power mode, getting the most out of modern devices and iOS9, while reducing battery impact by 50%.

Get the most out of the M7, M8 and M9 coprocessors

Human's new enhanced tracking is built around the motion coprocessors in the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6S. The M7 chip in the iPhone 5S can pick up walking and running activities with minimal battery impact, and the more recent M8 & M9 chips in the iPhone 6 and 6S detect walking, running and most bike rides.

Human 6 has a completely revamped tracking and a new timeline.

Tracking your bike rides

With half of our team based on the Netherlands, we love the automatic detection of our bike rides. Unfortunately the motion coprocessors aren't very good yet at picking up cycling yet. The iPhone 6 and 6S do support cycling, but might sometimes show your stable bike rides as transport, while the iPhone 5S unfortunately doesn't support cycling at all.
In cases where we can't automatically detect the correct activity type, you can manually correct any errors by tapping the activity on the timeline. We hope this is a small trade-off for an overall improvement in accuracy and a huge gain in battery life.

The new improved activity timeline gives an overview of activity throughout the day.

Upping the challenge

With the improved accuracy of our activity detection, you'll probably notice that there are less 'Active' chunks in your timeline. Both your indoor and outdoor walks of a minute or more will now be just identified as walking. We're also giving away less minutes for random device motion. That could mean your daily goals just became a tiny bit more challenging. If we missed anything, you can manually change any activity to 'Active' to get your minutes.

Get the most out of your iPhone 6 with Human and Human Clubs

Low power mode

If you're using an iPhone with motion coprocessor you can now turn on Low Power mode in the Human settings. In Low Power mode Human will use up to 90% less battery, by turning off location services and minimizing background tracking as much as possible. Your timeline and clubs will still show an overview of your daily activity, but in less detail, such as maps.

The same daily activity inspiration, now with 90% less battery impact.

Support for other devices

We're happy to also support all iPhones without a motion coprocessor on iOS8. If you use an iPhone 5 or 5C you'll use the very same activity detection as before. You can enjoy the completely redesigned timeline for a better overview of your day.

Human on Watch OS2

The Human Watch app is now ready for Watch OS2. Follow your daily progress and friends in Human clubs directly on your wrist. The new Watch OS2 is faster and Clubs are now easier to navigate. For now, you still have to bring your phone to track your activity, but we hope to change that in the future.

Human for Watch OS2 Human for Watch OS2

Four new languages

Human 6 is available in Spanish, German, French, and Dutch, in addition to English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified). The app will automatically select your language based on the settings of your phone.

Bonus: Two new background packs

We revamped the default Human theme and added a beautiful new theme pack from the talented photographer Wesley Verhoeve. Build your streak this autumn and unlock this and other amazing theme packs.

The same daily activity inspiration, now with 90% less battery impact.

Make Human better

Human 6 is one of the biggest releases since we started and we're super excited to get your feedback. We'll optimize the activity detection and fine tune the app in the coming weeks based on your input. Let us know how the new tracking works for your daily routines and what you think of the new timeline, Watch app, and translations. Use the feedback option on the activity detail screen or in the Human settings to share your thoughts.