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By Christina Franken on May 13

A visual diary of your day

Relive your best outdoor adventures

Meet our new tracking mode

We made incredible optimizations to the activity detection for all iPhones with a Motion coprocessor (iPhone 5S, 6, 6S and SE), so you can get the best overview of your day with 50-90% less battery impact.

How does it work? Our new activity tracker goes automatically into a deeper sleep mode when you're not moving and wakes up when you're active. This new mode is automatically enabled and will boost your battery life.

Need more accurate tracking? Visit the Human settings to find new tracking options and tune the activity detection to your liking to balance battery life with accuracy. Enable the high accuracy mode to track your biggest adventures.

Compare your everyday activity with people around you

A visual diary of your day

As a special surprise in Human 8.1 you'll find amazing new maps on your Timeline. We've added a new complete overview of your activity on a map for today. Human Premium members can rediscover the past 90 days and get a complete overview on a map for all previous days. We've also updated the activity detail view for everyone. Tap an activity in the timeline for beautiful new maps.

Compare your everyday activity with people around you

Relive your best adventures as a Human Premium member

In addition to our free version, we've recently added some special new features for our most loyal members.

What's included in the Premium membership:

  • Unlock 90 days of history in the timeline.
    Browse through past days and compare your activity levels on your most or least active days.
  • Relive your best outdoor adventures.
    Use the history on your timeline and the new maps like a visual diary of where you've been.
  • Become a founding member of the Human Premium club
    Show your support in making Human better every day with the Premium badge on your profile.
  • Priority support
    Plus first access to new Premium features in the next months.

Upgrade to Human Premium for $2.99/month

You can subscribe in Human's settings Profile / Settings / Membership.