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By Paul Veugen on Aug 5

Your data, visualized

Download all-time stats & activity data.

One of the most important promises to our users is to be as transparent as possible about what we store on our servers. That's why we introduced the option to download a full copy of all your Human data in the very first release of Human. However, raw files from our servers were pretty confusing to most people using the app. Today, we're giving the data exporter a big upgrade.

Request your data from your Human settings

Request your data in the Human settings.

With the option 'Request data' in the settings of the app you can request a copy of all your data stored on our servers. We'll grab all your info from our servers, a process that can take up to 48 hours, and send you a link to a zip file by e-mail once we're done. This link automatically expires after 48 hours, so be sure to grab the file before that. Collecting huge data sets on our servers can be pretty intense, so we're limiting requests for data to once every 7 days. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you haven't received a confirmation e-mail after 48 hours.

Report in your inbox

Once we've processed your request, we'll send you an e-mail with all-time stats and a link to a zip archive with all your data. You can download this file to your computer and unpack the contents. In the uncompressed folder you'll find a report with all-time statistics, an overview of all activities, and individual files with details and location data for each individual activity.

E-mail with data report and download link

What's in your archive?

We tried to make the exports interesting and readable for everyone who's interested in their Human data. We included a simple all-time overview with all your activity data and exports of all your activities. We export your data as Comma Separated Files, which can be opened with spreadsheet applications like MS Excel, Google Drive, or OpenOffice. The raw JSON files can be opened in a text editor and are little more cryptic. These are mostly interesting for developers who want to play with their own data.

Activity Report

Open the file 'report.html' in any modern browser for a visual overview of your weekly and hourly activity. All motorized, walking, running, and biking activities are shown per hour of day and per week. Compare individual weeks to your average week (dotted circles). All dates and times are based on your current local timezone.

Visual report of all your activity

All-time stats in CSV format

You can open the 'stats.csv' file with any spreadsheet application like MS Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Drive. The file contains all-time stats for different activity types. Duration is shown in seconds, all distance values are displayed in Kilometer (divide by 1.609 to calculate Miles).

Example: My all-time stats, imported into Google Drive:

Overview of activities in CSV and JSON format

In the 'activities' folder you'll find an overview of all your activities in CSV ('activities.csv') and JSON format ('activities.json'). Both files have the same contents, only the data structure differs.

Example: My activities, imported into Google Drive (sample):

Individual activities in CSV and JSON format

In the subfolders 'CSV' and 'JSON' you'll find files for each individual activity. These files contain the location data that we use to detect and display activities. The CSV files only contain location data and have readable field names, the raw JSON files are more extensive and slightly cryptic (for all you data junkies out there). Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Ideas or suggestions?

We're curious to hear how you like the exports. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this feature. Ping us on Twitter or send a mail with your feedback.