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By Christina Franken on Oct 1

Human City Index September 2015

An increase of U.S. cities in our September activity ranking

On September 9, the Surgeon General of the United States published a National Call to Action under the name "Step it Up! Help Make Our Communities Walkable" to encourage Americans to walk more and make America more walkable.

Related or not, we’re pleased to share that our Human Cities September Index shows already one more U.S. city in the top 50 compared to the August edition, which is a slight increase of 106%.

Human is used by people across the globe to track more than 100 Million activities every month. Human Cities shows how Humans move in real-time in 900 cities worldwide.

The 10 most active cities on Human in September 2015

The unbeatable leaders of the Human Cities Index of September are again Berlin and Barcelona, both with an average of 83 minutes of activity per user per day. Las Vegas over took New York City with 81 minutes vs. 77 minutes. Winnipeg follows with 76 minutes, as well as Copenhagen, Milan and London with 75 min, trailed by Stockholm and Hong Kong with 73 minutes.

The Top 10 now features a mix of global cities, with Hong Kong as Asian metropolis next to European and North American candidates. We're excited to observe further if the Surgeon General's "Step it up!" campaign and America Walks ongoing efforts will impact our data set over the next months.

See the full ranking of 150 cities below and learn how to unlock your city to show on Human Cities.

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