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By Christina Franken on Nov 3

Human Cities Index October 2015

Find your city in the 150 most active cities globally

People across the globe track more than 100 Million activities every month using the activity tracker Human. Human Cities shows how Humans move in real-time in 900 cities worldwide.

Every month we compile a ranking of 150 most active cities. Like the last months, European cities dominate the Top 10. With only 3 American cities in the Top 10, we cannot yet make out a difference after the Surgeon General’s call to action with the ’Step it up!’ campaign in September.

The Northern hemisphere weather hasn’t gone to winter extremes yet, however we see the average activity dropping month by month. We also start to read a slight differentiation between cities further north and those further south. Last month's most active city had cumulated 84 minutes. The Human Cities Index of October is headed up by Barcelona with 77 minutes, after finally overtaken long-time No #1 Berlin (76 minutes).

The 10 most active cities on Human in October 2015

Following this trend, Milan moved slightly up from last month to the third position with 73 minutes, followed by New York City with 70 minutes.

London, Las Vegas and Hong Kong come up next, all of them with (rounded) 69 minutes of average activity. The 3rd American city this month to make it into the Top 10 is Winnipeg with 68 minutes, followed closely by Munich and Copenhagen, both at 67 minutes.

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