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By Christina Franken on Jan 2

Human Cities Index December 2015

The global ranking of most active cities

December is a month of indulgence, concluding with the holidays and many festive traditions. Meeting the family and plenty of eating are important elements for holiday traditions in many countries, so we were excited to see how this plays out for overall activity in cities across the globe.

Our power team of Berlin (74 min) and Barcelona (73 min) is leading again the Top 10 of Human Cities. In December they were followed by Hong Kong with 73 min of average daily activity.

Interestingly, in December New York City was the only North American city to make it into the Top 10, after the U.S. had previously always been represented by 3 cities or more. Honolulu (64 minutes average) however can be spotted on 11th place, and Las Vegas on 18th with 62 minutes average.

With Hong Kong and Guangzhou (66 minutes, 8th place) we've had 2 Asian Cities in the Top 10, while Sydney moved up the ranks and made it with 67 minutes average activity to the 7th place and the only Australian City in the ranking.

Of the European cities, Milan moved up two spots to 6th place with 68 minutes average. Paris and Madrid wrap up the Top 10 with 65 minutes of average activity each.

Please also take a look at the rest of our ranking of 150 most active cities below - can you find your city?

The 10 most active cities on Human in December 2015

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