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By Christina Franken on Apr 8

Human Cities Index March 2016

Ranking Spring's most active cities

March is always one of these months - it's not warm yet in the northern hemisphere, but we do get some nice days. Looking at the Top 10 for March 2016 - it's been a quieter month than expected. We're happy to see again 4 different continents represented in our Top 10. Let's dive straight in:

As in the previous months, Barcelona was the most active city like in previous months, however despite keeping the pole position, Barcelona dropped by 3 minutes to 71 minutes of average activity compared to February. Followed by Berlin, where Human users added 5 minutes to last month's average activity level. Berlin now comes in at 70 average minutes per user. Guangzhou made it for the 2nd time into the Top 10 with 68 minutes average. Weather can't be the reason for this - Barcelona is currently the coldest city in this trio and has been mainly in the 15 - 18°C range in March, as opposed to Guangzhou with 20 - 30°C and Berlin with 6 - 13°C.

Hong Kong dropped from the podium and is with 67 minutes average on 4th place. With 6 minutes more on average per user compared to February, New York City is back in the Top 10 (66 minutes average). The next three ranks are occupied by Milan, London and Las Vegas, all three tied at 65 minutes of average activity per user. Paris made it in March for the first time into the Top 10 with 62 minutes average. Sydney climbed 5 spots to the last place in the Top 10 with 61 minutes of average activity per user.

The Top 10 most active cities on Human in March 2016

Please also take a look at the rest of our ranking of 150 most active cities below - can you spot your city?

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