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By Christina Franken on Oct 30

Together it’s more fun

Using Human Clubs for motivation and accountability

Human’s Club feature is the best way to get friends, family or co-workers to be active together. After all, together it’s more fun, no matter if you choose to sweat it out on a run or enjoy the countryside on a weekend hike or bike ride.

The reason the club feature makes it so easy to get active together, is that the competition element is very soft, we call it 'casual competition’. We’ve listed a few examples here from clubs on Human that are rocking it:

Find inspiration in examples of our most active Human Clubs

Company Health Club

IronRidge is a club on Human but also a real company - the owners got their co-worksers to join the club to compete and motivate each other throughout the day. As last week’s blog post shows as well, we're seeing a trend that companies make it easier for employees to choose an active lifestyle. Human Clubs can help with creating an inspiring, active team environment, using casual competition without putting individuals under competitive pressure.

Running or walking in nature is more fun with friends

Connecting the family around the globe

We were pleasantly surprised to hear the story of a family spread out around the globe who’s using Human Clubs to stay in touch despite time differences and distance. One daughter attends university in the Netherlands, the other sister is in the United States, while the rest of the family is in various locations in Australia. Having always been an active family, they connect through the Club feature, to see if everybody is active which is also an indicator that all are well.

In particular, Hannah, who lives in the Netherlands, was looking for a way to motivate her aunt Laura (64) in Australia to move the recommended minimum of 30 minutes a day. With Human Clubs Hannah feels she can be part of her aunt Laura's life. Laura sees Hannah and the rest of the family often achieve their Daily 30 before 9am, which provides her with the necessary kick to go out for a walk on quieter days.

Teaming up with a common goal

A challenge, such as reaching 60 minutes of activity every day over the course of 4 weeks is perfect to get the whole team aligned.

Some of our Clubs use a fitness goal that’s not entirely measured through the club interface, like losing a number of pounds or training for a 5k run. Daily activity is an important element to achieve the goal, and a great way to continue the conversation on personal achievements on the timeline day after day.

Clubs make it easy to hold anyone in the team accountable for the challenge, even on days when personal circumstances would make it easier to skip activity all together.

Biking with friends on a Sunday in fall

Moderating for motivation

#grapefruits is already a pretty motivated group of single parents around the same age. The club's moderator told us that the key to keeping the team members motivated and engaged lies in arranging opportunities to be active together. The #grapefruits also use group challenges such as calling for a 7 day streak of #daily30. In the run up to completing the goal, seeing others achieve the daily 30 minutes day after day, activates casual competition and helps to reach today’s goal in no time.

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