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By Paul Veugen on Jan 5

Human for Android

The wait is over – Get Human on Android

Right in time for the new year, we are very excited to share Human for Android. Three years ago, when we first launched Human, we started with a simple premise to motivate people to move 30 minutes everyday. Today we are thrilled to bring that vision to Android with a new twist.

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With over 1M downloads on iOS and 1.5 Billion activities tracked to date, we have a huge data set to share valuable insights about how people move in their city. Human for Android uses this data as a benchmark to help you answer the question, “Am I doing enough?”.

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Minutes, not steps

Most fitness apps count in steps, rather than minutes. When meeting a friend you say, “See you in 20 minutes” not “See you in 20 steps.” Why should your fitness app be any different? With Human, we built an app that speaks your language. Automatically track your walks, runs, and bike rides as you move throughout your day.

See how you stack up

It's January, and we're all busy getting back to work and setting the tone for the new year. With our latest feature Pulse, compare your activity levels to people like you. See how you stack up to people nearby, and rise up the rankings that are most relevant to your lifestyle. Can you keep up with the rest of your city throughout the day?

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These location based leaderboards will be available in major cities around the world, and available for our iOS users soon.

Time to make your move in 2016.