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By Paul Veugen on Mar 10

Human & Zendrive

Improved tracking of car rides with Zendrive

Human and Zendrive work together to improve driving detection in your Human timeline. You can share anonymous driving data with Zendrive for improved tracking of motorized transport in Human.

Activity tracking in Human is optimized for physical activity and minimal battery consumption. Our tracking is less optimized for motorized transport. That's why we teamed up with Zendrive to improve tracking of car rides. By sharing driving data anonymously we can improve your Human timeline for motorized activities.

In the latest Human version you'll find an option in the settings to improve driving tracking. If you'll turn this on, you'll share anonymized driving data with Zendrive when you're driving with your phone plugged in. This will result in a more accurate Human timeline.

Zendrive settings in Human

We want to create an environment that inspires activity. Our data shows how people move. We're excited to team up with Zendrive to learn more about motorized activities and traffic safety. We're looking forward to share these insights with you in the future. Turn the Zendrive option on in your Human settings to share anonymous data and contribute to a safer environment.

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