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By Christina Franken on Mar 7

24 hours on Human

Exploring where Humans around the world get and stay active

Cities are mesmerizing structures, everybody who's ever landed at night over a major city probably agrees. Human's dataset is growing and by visualizing just 24 hours of data with Mapbox's tools we were able to create a fascinating map of Human data. Browse the map (best on desktop) on your own or join us here for a trip around the globe:


London, UK

This is how 1,275 people with Human in London stay in shape with daily activity like walking, running, cycling, and other exercise. Humans in London walk a lot - 51 minutes on average per day (compared to 16 minutes in the average city).

San Francisco

San Francisco, US

808 people track their daily activity with Human in San Francisco. In the last 14 days 808 people in San Francisco tracked 563,593 minutes of activity, that's 391 days of activity.

Mexico City

Mexico City, MX

In Mexico City 453 people use Human to track their daily active minutes. 46 minutes per day is the average amount of active minutes tracked per user here. With 3 minutes of biking on average, Mexico City compares to London in terms of biking.


Amsterdam, NL

This is how 1,695 people track their daily activity in Amsterdam with Human. Amsterdam's Humans track on average 6 minutes of cycling every day - that's 50% more than the average city on Human.


Melbourne, AU

450 people stay in shape in Melbourne by tracking their daily activity with Human. For the past 14 days the average daily activity level was 56 minutes in Melbourne.


Copenhagen, DK

In the past 14 days 227 people in Copenhagen tracked 167,176 minutes of activity. That's 116 days of activity. The average time spent biking is 5 minutes. The average time spent in transport is with 23 minutes almost 50% of the time spent in transport in the average city on Human Cities.


Chicago, US

In Chicago 557 Humans track their daily activity levels with Human. Their daily average spent walking is with 37 minutes more than twice the average of walking in Human's average city.

São Paulo

São Paulo, BR

243 Humans in São Paulo track on average 42 minutes per day on Human, that's below the average city on Human. However Humans here walk more than twice as much as in the average city on Human.

New York

New York, US

New York is a bustling city. With 2032 people in NYC tracking their daily activity with Human, we've been tracking 1,520,794 minutes of activity over the past 14 days, that's 1056 days of activity. Impressive! In addition, Humans in New York are also really active, with 56 minutes per day on average the city is above the average city on Human.


Paris, FR

562 people track their daily activity levels with Human in Paris. With 57 minutes of activity per day on average, Paris does look like a pretty active city. Humans in Paris walk a lot - 46 minutes per user per day on average.


Tokyo, JP

This is how 841 people with Human in Tokyo stay in shape using Human to track their daily activity. Over the past 2 weeks, Humans in Tokyo have been tracking more than half a million minutes of activity, or better 379 days.