Get Human For Free
By Renato Valdes Olmos on Apr 25

Moving to Human

Import your Moves data to Human

Import your Moves data to Human

We've built a simple script that allows you to import your Moves data to Human. Please bear in mind that this script is in early alpha stages, but it will do the trick.

How it works:

  1. Open the importer on your iOS mobile device.
  2. Grant access to your Moves activities.
  3. Create an account on Human using your firstname, lastname, email and password.
  4. Download Human, sign in with these credentials and watch the magic happen!

Please note:

  • We're not Moves. Human makes it fun to move more.
  • iOS only for now. Won't work on desktop and Android.
  • We only import the last 7 days of data.
  • We do not have complete stats for activities yet (average speed, max speed, location id, etcetera).
  • We do not have geolocation data for your activities (the map detail is empty).
  • There might be slight mistranslations in activity types since Moves has more of these. Most activities that are not walking/running/biking/transport but contains some form of activity will be labeled as "active" in Human.