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By Anna Nawrocka on Mar 21

Superhumans: Jeremy Bean

Our series about the people using Human to stay healthy.

Part four of our series about how people are using Human to stay healthy. We've asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves, and how Human has impacted their life so far. This is how we learn. These are our Superhumans.

Jeremy Bean

Jeremy Bean

Meet Jeremy from Perth, Australia. He’s an educational science and technology professor, and an app developer at Raging Pixel. Jeremy is not a fan of exercise, and has chronic rheumatism, which means he needs all the physical activity he can get.

How did Human attract your attention?

I’m an app developer in my spare time and was reading articles online about interesting new apps. I can’t remember the specific publication, but the name and the idea behind it stood out. The name seemed like a very bold choice that made huge claims. For me that was a big plus because it raised high expectations. Which it is living up to, I should add. But with a name like that I’ll be looking for more apps along the same lines from the developers, or at least some fascinating updates.

What is your biggest motivation to move?

My health. I have had a chronic rheumatic condition most of my life and movement is vital to avoid the risk of losing flexibility. I also have to admit I don’t enjoy exercise so need to find motivation where I can. I find the scoring system in Human a powerful trigger to get up and move around. Once a streak is running I hate to break it. I read once that if you get fit in your 50s you can get most of the benefits in old age that come from a lifetime of activity. I’m 58 so I’ve got two years left to do it! It’s never too late.

Do you get extra inspiration from any sport heroes?

There are some I admire - like Roger Federer - and the occasional story about someone overcoming great odds is moving, but in general I think I’m beyond being inspired by sportspeople.

Would you then say that it’s more the people around you, who serve as motivation for being active?

Not really. Plenty of people around me but those I’m closest to seem to share my aversion to physical effort. I rather like the walking time to myself anyway to listen to music or an audio book.

You’ve been using Human for over six months now. What impact has it exerted on your life so far?

I walk far more than I used to, even if it means going for a walk to clock up the last 10 minutes just before midnight. I also don’t feel so guilty about getting up from my desk so my movement throughout the day has increased significantly. A good thing given recent research about the dangers of sitting.

You mentioned that you don’t really enjoy exercise. Does the good weather in Australia help you overcome it?

I live 200 metres from the beach in Western Australia where we have very long warm summers with no rain. A walk and a swim is about as good as it gets. I don’t like the gym - boring beyond belief - so winter is a challenge, but I still walk and skip the swim. I bought a Trikke at Christmas but it’s harder to ride than I expected. When I get the hang of it it will add to my repertoire.

People nowadays blame their stationary lifestyle on extremely busy schedules. How do you manage to interweave activity in your daily life?

I think very few people are too busy to move. From what I’ve seen over the years the issue isn’t so much a lack of time but more that people become absorbed in what they are doing. I have some stressful deadlines in my professional life and sometimes that requires long hours of work, but it never stops me stretching my legs regularly.

Any tips for the workaholics?

My advice would be take and make phone calls walking around, even if it’s in your office. Use public transport when you can because it always involves some walking. And don’t eat at your desk.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to see us improve in the app?

I’d like to see a summary breakdown of the categories of movement. But that’s not a criticism. For me the app works very well and a few of my friends have now also downloaded it. Congratulations to the team on creating a great app!

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