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By Christina Franken on Oct 7

Superhuman Khoa & his dog Lilo

Exploring how Humans around the world get and stay active

In this new edition we're chatting with Humans around the globe on how they stay active and healthy. Khoa is one of our Superhumans with a streak of more than 365 consecutive days of using Human. Let's hear from a pro how to stay active.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

A creative traveling animator with a corgi.
Khoa Phan & Lilo on a boat

Where and how are you usually active?

I’m usually running with my dog Lilo around the neighbourhood or in a dog park nearby. I run with my dog or least TRY to, sometimes my dog is a little stubborn with her stubby legs :) I used to take her to obedient school and she also takes “conformation” classes, which is a special training for dog shows. While it doesn’t get cold in California, when we went to NYC in winter once, Lilo really loved the snow. Other than that, we like to go kayaking or walk trails, especially on weekends when the weather isn't too humid.

What would you say defines an active lifestyle?

To me an active lifestyle is someone who gets up and doesn’t sit around the whole day. Someone who gets their blood running! That’s probably why Human has such a great appeal to me. It somewhat forces you to always achieve 30 minutes of being active. By giving a set goal I’m constantly reminding myself “Did I do my 30 yet?!”, very motivating!

Khoa is Mashable's Vine's Most Creative Stop-motion Animator and one of Forbes' 30 under 30 for marketing and advertising.

My work is very interesting for the most part and I’m very lucky with what I do. It kind of was an accident how I got into this career path but I love it. Sometimes my work gives me a chance to travel which allows me to explore a bit.

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