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By Christina Franken on Oct 22

Scott – Superhuman Branding Consultant

Exploring how Humans around the world get and stay active

In this new edition we're chatting with Humans around the globe on how they stay active and healthy. Scott Williams is a professional with a 70 hour work week who's ultra-committed to being active. He's a true Superhuman with a streak of almost 600 days. Let's hear how he does this.

Where and how are you usually active?

I spend a lot of time at work – I co-run a branding consultancy, Emisare based in Greensboro – and for a long time, found myself pinned to a desk for 10hrs a day outside of meetings. Since I was getting older (45 when I started), I started paying more attention to leading a healthy life.
To do that, I modified my work behavior. Instead of spending 1-2 hours a day dealing with emails at my desk, I now do it while walking. The same thing goes for phone calls where possible. I also purchased equipment and setup a gym at our office for everyone to use. And lastly, I try to run in the mornings or afternoons. Since my work schedule is so tight, I end up hitting the elliptical in our office gym in the evenings the majority of the time.
How to work long hours and still be active

Do you encourage your employees to have a healthy lifestyle?

Our gym is used by pretty much everyone at different times. Everyone in the office besides me is either member of a gym, fitness group or similar. Everyone here is committed to healthy living and being fit, so it comes easy.

So what would you say defines an active lifestyle?

I imagine this differs based on age, but generally, I'd say at least an hour of activity per day at minimum (walking, fast walking, running, etc.).

We can clearly see, Scott is not a man of excuses. We love that he doesn’t stop with himself, but involves all his employees. After all, getting active together is more fun.

Scott Williams

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