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By Christina Franken on Dec 20

Who Needs Resolutions

Human's 31 Day Test Drive for an Healthy & Active 2016

According to Nielsen research the top resolutions of 2015 were to stay fit and healthy (37%) followed by the resolution to lose weight (32%). Other studies show however that only as little as 8% of people actually follow through with their resolutions.

So we at Human decided to help you ditch those resolutions all together.

As an alternative, sign up for Human's 31 Day Test Drive for an active 2016.
We feel that by just committing to one tiny change every day, it’ll be so much easier to achieve the overwhelming goal of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

How it works

Starting January 1st, on New Year's Day, you'll receive a simple suggestion every day on how to get more activity into your life. A different actionable idea for each of the 31 days of January.
Most of the daily 'tweaks' can be incorporated into your daily routine and won’t take longer than 10 minutes. We won’t try to talk you into signing up for a gym or spending hours doing workout routines. You can use our free fitness tracking app Human for some of these tweaks, but it's not mandatory either.

Sign up today, it's free!

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By the end of January you will have tried and tested 31 ways of making your every day more active. Incorporate these small tweaks into your daily schedule and 2016 will be the year for you to feel good about your activity!