Human is shutting down

After nearly 7 years of operation, we made the difficult decision to shut down Human on December 16th 2020. We’re sad to make this decision, but are very grateful to every one of you. It was a pleasure to build this platform together. We are deeply thankful to you, our users, who have joined and supported us along the way.

After this December 16th, all app functionality will stop working and all user data will be deleted from our servers. Below are more details about the shutdown.

May you always stay active, and healthy!

Sincerely, the Human team


Q: Will the app stay available for download?
No, it is no longer possible to download the app, or to create a new account.

Q: How long can I use the product for?
All functionality of the Human app will stop working on December 16th 2020.

Q: Can I download my historical data before the shutdown?
We automatically delete historical data older than 4 weeks on a rolling basis to protect your privacy. Therefore, this data is not available for download.

Q: What happens to my account data after December 16th 2020?
After December 16th 2020, all user data and associated metadata will be permanently deleted from our servers.

Q: Will I be able to recover account data after December 16th 2020?

Human is shutting down