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Push the office fitness competition to a whole new level with the /Human Slack integration. Add Human to Slack to compete with your colleagues, team or friends and check your recent stats in any channel.

Add to Slack

👍 You succesfully connected with Human on Slack.

Getting started

Set up the /human command in Slack in a few simple steps to compete with your co-workers and check your recent stats.

0. Get Human for iOS or Android

Download the latest Human for iOS or Android to track your everyday activity and compare yourself with people around you and sign up for an account.

1. Add the Human integration to Slack:

Add to Slack

2. Register your Human account

Give Human permission to share your daily stats in this Slack team:

/human join

3. Check your inbox for a confirmation mail

We'll send you a mail with a link to confirm that you'd like to share your daily Human stats on Slack. Open the link to confirm.

4. Request your stats, post a leaderboard, or send a High five

Get your own Human stats for today:

/human me /human me

Post a leaderboard in the current Slack channel for everyone on your team who joined:

/human leaderboard /human leaderboard

Send a High five to a colleague on the leaderboard:

/human highfive @username /human highfive @username

5. Invite other team members to join

Invite your co-workers to download Human for iOS or Android ( and they can register with the /human join command (see step 2).

Available commands

/human help /human download /human join [your-human-email] /human me /human leaderboard /human leaderboard schedule /human leaderboard unschedule /human highfive @username /human leave [your-human-email]


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