Human & Zendrive

Human and Zendrive work together to improve driving detection in your Human timeline. You can share anonymous driving data with Zendrive for improved tracking of motorized transport in Human.

Improve tracking

Activity tracking in Human is optimized for physical activity. Our tracking is less optimized for motorized transport. That's why we teamed up with Zendrive to improve tracking of your car rides. By sharing driving data anonymously we can improve your Human timeline for motorized activities.

You can just enable improved motorized tracking in the Human settings. No need to sign up or download anything.

What do we share?

If you enable improved driving data collection in Human, we share completely anonymous data with Zendrive when your phone is plugged in while driving. This means Zendrive collects location data and motion data and uses it to improve Human’s motorized transport detection. Zendrive does not have access to your name, e-mail or any other personal details in Human, nor does it have access to other content on your phone.

How does Zendrive use my data?

Sharing your motorized transport data anonymously with Zendrive does not only improve accuracy of your Human timeline, but also contributes to a safer environment. Zendrive learns from data around the world to improve driving and transportation for everyone.

Does this impact my data usage?

No. We only sync driving data when you're connected to wifi. Activating this feature will not impact your data plan.

Does this impact my battery usage?

No. Because the Zendrive transport data is only collected while your phone is plugged in while driving, it should not affect your battery usage.